Example Clients


“Adam and his team have worked with National Grid over the years, delivering first-class finance talent through a number of executive searches. What has stood out is how each of the hires has made a real impact and ultimately progressed to take on more responsibility and broaden their careers within our business. As such, I would recommend their diligent approach to finding talent across the finance community.”

Andrew Bonfield, Group CFO, National Grid Plc (FTSE 50)

“Bronzegate led a speedy and successful project to locate a progressive CFO for PEI, following recent PE investment. They worked hard to gain an understanding of both the technical requirements and ’soft skills’ required by our brief and delivered with great focus, perseverance and sound personal judgement.”

Tim McLoughlin, CEO, PEI Media Group

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bronzegate for key searches across my finance leadership team. They bring significant expertise and a detailed understanding of functional finance leadership to each process, providing a first-class executive search service which has resulted in a number of excellent hires. What really differentiates them is their patient, collaborative and comprehensive approach to finding the best talent possible.”

Jon Stanton, Group CFO, Weir Plc (FTSE 100)

“We have had the pleasure of using the BronzeGate services for a couple of years now. They have been our supplier for the recruitment of senior roles within Finance and we have always been very pleased with the results. We highly appreciate their expertise in finance, understanding our business needs really well and being able to provide us with high-calibre candidates. They are quick and responsive and source the candidates at an international level, something that is highly appreciated by our business, making sure we bring the best, world-class profiles to our company.”

– Andres Garcia, CFO Hotelbeds Group (TUI AG)

“Over the years, Adam has helped me recruit a good number of senior finance leaders. In every case he approached the assignment by looking not only at the specific role I was trying to fill but also by taking into account my team dynamics, relationships and interdependencies and assessing how a particular individual would fit in it. He was able to do that because between assignments he took the time to stay close to us, to listen to us and ultimately to gain a good insight into our business needs. He has proven to me he is a true believer in long term productive relationships”.

– Jose Leo, Group CFO (ex, BAA)

“I have worked with Adam for a number of years where he has secured a role for me and senior roles within my teams. Adam has always provided intelligent advice and managed difficult hiring processes well through open and honest dialogue”.

– Nick Jones, Group CFO (Achilles, ex-Reuters)

“Adam had taken the time to meet with me over the years to understand my ways of working, skills and aspirations”.

‘When Adam first contacted me about my current role, I must admit I did not think it was right for me. However, Adam had taken the time to meet with me over the years to understand my ways of working, skills and aspirations. Similarly, he had an excellent understanding of his client and the role. He believed that there was a good match and persevered. I am very happy to say that he was right. It was a pleasure working with Adam throughout and I hope to do so again in the future.’

– Colin Stuart, Finance Director (Post Office)

“Adam has consistently exceeded our expectations by being able to find the right candidate, which not only fitted the job description, but more importantly fitted the unique culture of our company”.

“I have worked with Adam for a few mandates for my global organisation from senior managers to executive positions across treasury, tax and commercial finance. Adam has consistently exceeded our expectations by being able to find the right candidate, which not only fitted the job description, but more importantly fitted the unique culture of our company, with the ability to move up significantly. Adam in particular, is invested in the long term with his clients. He is able to see their immediate need, but can also see the bigger picture. These are all the reasons why Adam is always the partner of choice for senior level finance placements for my multinational.”

– Paul Galland, VP-Finance (TJX Inc.)

“Adam has worked closely with me forming a strong working partnership and helping source the majority of my finance leadership team. He fully understands the wider European finance market, has exceptional networks and is quickly able to identify, assess and shortlist highly relevant individuals.”

– Paul Wilmott, European CFO (TJX Inc.)

“Adam contacted me for the role I have now taken. Thanks to his perspective, he saw me fitting well with the company and role I am now going to. Adam was always there during the interview process to give insights into the workings and culture of the company and accompanied me during a long interview process. He helped keep the ball rolling at all times. He is the best I have had the pleasure to meet with in his professionalism, timely responses, and positive attitude.”

– Laura Guittard, VP Finance (GSK)

“I have worked with Adam when he secured a role for me. Adam tracks progress and your thoughts about the role clearly and honestly. He is interested in the person, and wants you to think thoroughly about the role. He advises and manages such a process very professionally.”

– Evert Burgers, CFO (IMI Germany)

“We’ve used Adam for a number of assignments now and have been very pleased with the results achieved on each occasion. I feel that he has developed a good understanding of our business and its culture and has generally been able to deliver shortlists of strong candidates who have matched our specifications very closely. His flexible and proactive approach has also been helpful in meeting some fairly tight deadlines.”

– Zafar Khan, CFO (ex AB Ports)


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