Our Approach

Bronzegate is a financial leadership search specialist with an explicit aim: to always succeed for our clients. We believe that in the world of finance executive appointments, there is always a solution. It is our responsibility to secure the best possible option, every time.

Innovating Search Practice

We have designed and established a research-based approach to executive search which diminishes the risks attached to hiring. Our innovative search process is supported by a dedicated research team and a wide network of global finance executives developed over more than fifteen years in industry.

Traditional executive search can prove to be a time-consuming and often unsuccessful exercise, partly due to the breadth of internal restrictions facing many generalist search firms who appoint across the entire c-suite. As a specialist, we operate with minimal restrictions, providing our clients with swift and unparalleled access across the finance community

Our retained search model is based on sharing risk with our clients through engagement in a truly performance-focused process. We seek to thoroughly understand our clients’ requirements both personal and organisational, acting as discrete advisors to the world’s foremost financial leaders. Through the longevity and depth of our experience, we match established leaders to the right businesses using our fair, professional and principled search process.

At Bronzegate, our success is defined by the success of our client partners.

Operating Principles

The equitable search model we apply has five key operating principles:
Minimised retention fee

We operate a retained search model with a tailored retention fee of no more than 1/3 of the total prospective fee.

No shortlist fee

Uniquely, as we are confident of our ability to ultimately deliver, we do not charge a fee for the delivery of a shortlist.

Overall fee weighted to successful completion

We believe clients should pay for success not failure so our fees are weighted towards a successful appointment.

Reduced time to shortlist delivery

Our specialist market knowledge and extensive network ensures we typically deliver shortlists within four weeks of instruction.

Increased completion rate

We work diligently and exhaustively, aided by our relative lack of restrictions, to ensure we always succeed for our clients.

The Bronzegate way:

Retention fee (up to) 1/3
No Shortlist fee
Completion fee (no less than) 2/3


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