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Our Charity Partner – The Purple Community Fund (PCF)

The Purple Community Fund (PCF) is a UK registered charity working with children and their families living on rubbish dumps and in cemeteries in Manila, the Philippines. PCF reaches out to communities that live in extreme crisis situations, unable to provide for their most basic needs and without hope or the ability to change their futures.


About The Purple Community Fund (PCF)

PCF focuses its approach at the family and community levels, holding firm that every Filipino child and their family should be secure and free from poverty. PCF works together with the communities in a way that tackles their interrelated issues simultaneously. As a result, our beneficiaries are gradually empowered to help themselves, rather than perpetually rely on external aid.

PCF was founded by Jane Walker who has had the acclaimed honour of being awarded an MBE for outstanding charity work in the Philippines and has been named Woman of The Year by The Woman of the Year Foundation for 2009/10.

PCF employs 75 Filipino staff in the Philippines and there are 65 active volunteers, of which 90% are from the communities we serve. UK costs are kept to a minimum, and there are four full time staff (which includes CEO Jane Walker who spends 40% of her time in the Philippines). The UK has 12 active volunteers.


PCF: What We Do

PCF’s targeted beneficiaries are children and their families living in the squalid shanty towns by city rubbish dumps where residents search for recyclable rubbish.

Our operational experience over the years has shown that a more inclusive holistic approach not only produces very effective results, but a high rate of sustainability as well. It is not as simple as just providing an education, the children are starving and have health problems so PCF has developed nutrition, medical, social care and livelihood programmes. Over 90% of the children PCF helps have been raised as child workers and are the poorest of the poor.

We also provide adult skills training and livelihood projects that offer families an alternative income to waste picking. It is the aim of PCF to bring stability and realisable potential for economic development to these communities through education, nutrition, medical and community advocacy programs and livelihood training.









To find out more about the Purple Community Fund (PCF), please visit

or contact them on or 01489 790219.